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Developing Real Estate To Create Sustainable Lives & Moments

Established in 1992, Synthesis started out as ProLease, a property consultant specializing in shopping center consultancy and management. After a few brief years the company’s scope of business evolved to include office, residential and industrial property management.

A giant leap occurred in 1999 when ProLease began its own property development activities in Jakarta, Indonesia. Debuting with the development of Plaza Semanggi, one of Jakarta’s most centrally-located malls and convention centres, ProLease further promoted Jakarta’s significance as the country’s commercial capital.  

In 2005, ProLease changed its name to Synthesis Development from which it expanded its real estate development and investment operations across Indonesia into the residential, office, hotel and retail sectors. Soon after, the company began developing signature projects such as Casablanca Mansion, de Oaze, The Lavande Residence, Kalibata City and Bassura City.

The company stands proud to be a catalyst for sustainable growth in Indonesia through its real estate developments.

Grow In Trust, Build With Passion


“To grow to become an integrated and reliable property developer in Indonesia by providing added value on an ongoing basis for customers, shareholders, partners, the community and all other stakeholders”.


  • To develop high-quality properties through innovation and the use of technology to create a better quality of life.
  • To provide excellent service for the satisfaction of all stakeholders.
  • To develop competent human resources with high integrity.
  • To maximize our employee’s welfare.
  • To create synergy with the environment.


All of our work is created with the utmost skill. From our trusted office-workers, up to the technicians and engineers on-site, all are handpicked for their unrivalled skills.


Without applying wisdom to all the things we do, there can be no satisfactory end product.


To be fair is to be effective. It is for this reason that we ensure that fairness is applied no only towards our clients, but also towards all our valuable stakeholders.


Innovation stands at the heart of who we are. From presenting the best ideas, to providing creativity in the construction of our properties, innovation takes center stage.


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Ir. Felix Yap Wie Din

Business Dev & Legal Director

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Sopian Sembiring, SH

HR & GA Director

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Fianty R Gosal

Project & Operation Director

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M. Grace Tenggara, SE

Finance & Accounting Director

1. Synthesis Book Drop Box

The Synthesis Book Drop Box has been running since 2015 as one of the manifestations of the Empowering Our Nation campaign program carried by Synthesis Development. This program is one form of sharing love and aims to invite Indonesian children to love reading.

So far the books collected at the Synthesis Book Drop Box have been distributed to several reading parks in Jakarta, East Nusa Tenggara, East Java, Central Java, and Papua. Synthesis Book Drop Box is located at Synthesis Square Tower 2 – Ground Floor Jl. Gatot Subroto Kav 64 No. 177 A Jakarta 12870.

2. Vinyl Trash Transformation

As a corporation engaged in property, Synthesis Development also produces waste, including waste from promotional materials such as billboard. A proactive little step that has been done by Synthesis Development is to reduce corporate waste to reprocess, billboard waste to another function that has economic value and additional value for other parties.

On this basis, Synthesis Development works with several institutions, one of which is XSProject to reduce waste that is difficult to decompose using the 4R method. Synthesis Development donates billboard promotional materials which are not used for the manufacture of XSProject products such as bags, wallets, pencil cases and various other valuable products with high selling value. 5% from the sale of XSProject products are used to support the education of scavenger children through the Scholarship Fund and Health Fund. So it is not only a waste process with 4R, but also can provide benefits to improve the welfare of scavengers and improve the future fate of scavenger children.

Synthesis Development also provides a Trash Transform Corner at Synthesis Square Tower 2 – Ground Floor Jl. Gatot Subroto Kav 64 No. 177 A Jakarta 12870 for the general public who want to donate flexy or vinyl materials that are not used.

3. Precious Corporate Gift

Added value is always the basis of Synthesis Development in preparing each corporate gift.

Collaboration with institutions or social communities is also a strategy of Synthesis Development in presenting corporate gifts that are valuable for both the recipient and the producer.

Among others are:

  • Indigenous Indonesia Hampers, containing small farmer products certified with basket packaging creations from used newspapers. These are the result of collaboration between Synthesis Development and Salam Rancage and Java.
  • Hari Raya Cake, a pastry gift by friends of autism and downsyndrome, is assisted by the Rumah Belajar Community which is packaged in batik cloth bags by deaf friends from the Precious One Foundation.

Through Precious Corporate Gift Synthesis Development, we want to share the story that every work product or local brand even by involving friends with disabilities in their production has added value and meaning that can inspire others.

4. Koran Harapan

Together with residents of ” Kampung Koran ” in the Tanah Baru Bogor, Synthesis Development synergizes in recycling paper waste programs in the form of newspapers, tabloids, and used magazines to become various souvenirs and handicraft items of economic value.

5. Kawan Komunitas

Synthesis Development has a commitment to support programs, activities and community development and social institutions with one of its programs called Kawan Komunitas. Kawan Komunitas Program produces a variety of collaborations and creativity that have a positive impact. Some communities that have collaborated with Synthesis Development include the Indonesian Yayasan Pita Kuning Indonesia, the Women’s Blogger Network, Komunitas Indonesia Berhati (KIB), Katahati Institute, Indorunner Indonesia.

6. Gaya Hidup Hijau

Synthesis Development also has a commitment to campaign for a green lifestyle. Activities that has been done by Synthesis Development, is involved in the action of Earth Hour and in collaboration with institutions related to waste management for reusable programs and tree planting culture with a vertical garden concept in several buildings.

Synthesis Development is also concerned with the use of plastic straws which are supposed to be the 6th largest waste produced by humans. So starting in 2018 launching the campaign “using reusable straws” by producing re-use straws which are packaged in cloth pouches in collaboration with NES by HDK and sewn by friends who are disabled by Precious One.

So changing a lifestyle that is more environmentally friendly is indeed a good step. But, don’t just stop using plastic straws. We can go further than that.

Through this program, Synthesis Development invites people to realize that a green lifestyle is a good step. But, don’t just stop using plastic straws. We can go further than that.